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Depending upon your needs, I can help you with any or all of the following:

  • Fundraising Strategy: With limited staff and budget you need a fundraising strategy that provides the most “bang for the buck”. Perhaps you need more prospects, better conversion of your existing prospects, a larger base of small donors or more major gifts. I will analyze your current situation and ascertain the most effective and efficient way forward for you.
  • Digital Fundraising Infrastructure: Before you can start fundraising in earnest, you need a digital fundraising infrastructure. This may be an e-mail welcome series, a prospect “lead magnet”, or well-optimized donation and thank you pages. By getting this step right, your fundraising efforts will be easier and more fruitful.
  • Funnel Design and Refinement: Consciously design the journey through which your supporters come in contact with your organization and move from being prospects to donors to repeat donors to major donors. How will you reach them? Which types of media, messaging and tone of voice will you use? How will you capture them into your database? What will you offer to entice them? How will you convince them to give again or give more?
  • Marketing Segmentation: Are you getting the maximum “juice” out of your donor and prospect database by properly segmenting your constituents and devising and implementing a targeted approach for each discrete segment? This is the nuts and bolts of good marketing and where you can achieve better results. It’s all about targeting.
  • Campaign Creation, Execution and Monitoring: Need help devising a campaign, writing the copy or with the mechanics of setting it up? Would you like to conduct A/B (or split testing) to see what works and what doesn’t and then optimize your ongoing or future campaigns?
  • Content Strategy and Creation: In order to really ramp up cultivation and conversion efforts, many organizations first need to create more content. Obviously, you can’t just ask for money, you also need to tell something about what you’re doing or better yet engage with your audience. Think articles, interviews, web pages, testimonials, case studies, polls, etc. In truth, you probably need to spend more time “conversing” with your constituents and less time asking for money.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Social media is a time sink, but when used right can really boost a campaign or serve such mundane functions as feeding a regular stream of prospects to your website (whom you will then capture into your database).