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BIO: Paul Arinaga

I apply my digital marketing, strategy and communications expertise to help non-profits grow their donor databases and funds. 

My strengths are in fundraising, marketing, communications, and strategy.

After working internationally for three decades for Microsoft, Philips Electronics and several start-ups, I returned to Hawai‘i to make a difference in my community. I raised $760,000 for two local agricultural organizations that I then helped to scale-up.

Previously, I was a marketer, strategist, and communications consultant for a variety of private, public and non-profit organizations. Thanks to this experience, I’m able to tell a compelling fundraising story, as well as advise organizations on their fundraising strategy. Moreover, equipped with an MBA from the London Business School and an MA in economics from the Johns Hopkins University – as well as substantial hands on experience – I am equally capable of analyzing data and crunching numbers.

Before returning to Hawai‘i, I ran a communications agency in Brussels, Belgium, researching and writing about complex policies for the European Commission in fields such as sustainability, healthcare, animal welfare, consumer protection, labor, technology, economics and finance. During this time, I also acquired expertise in digital marketing – particularly the development of online sales funnels. I am now applying all my expertise to help non-profits to build their online fundraising infrastructure and grow their donor databases and funds.